4 Cybersecurity Trends In 2021

4 Cybersecurity Trends In 2021

Technology development not only brings practicality on human’s daily life but also higher risk in cybercrimes especially when it comes to data privacy. On today’s video we have list some Cyber security Trends that are predicted will become a big hit in 2021

During this pandemic, people are restricted to travel let alone travelling abroad. However, some countries nowadays start innovating a new way to travel by introducing travel bubble and green lane innovation.The travel bubble is when two or more countries that have managed to control the Corona virus agree to create a travel bubble or corridor. Meanwhile, Green Lane is an innovation that will be carried out between Indonesia and Singapore. Travel bubble and green lane arrangements are claim to be efficient and safe for tourists. But with the personal data that needs to be shared across national borders, we need with proper security controls.Thus, the data movement between the government, airlines, airports and hotels will become an easy target for some hackers to crack and track down someone’s else data if these four organizations failed to stored and control their cyber security system. People are now can start to see a hope in travelling once these government and parties involved can provides a proper and safe cyber security system.

As of 2020, there are many countries and cities that using 5G connectivity while some others are still in process on building the 5G connectivity in theirs. Thus, most people in this world probably can start using and enjoying 5G connectivity in 2021.

Work from Home
Thanks to this COVID-19 many office workers and employers start developing a new working environment system since most of employees can actually adapt to working from home. It safe a lot of time and more efficient for some people. People who work from home can also use Cloud services to manage their agenda and shared information.

Security System
Some Technology Company will probably start creating some latest technology to build a better cloud security system. This is quite important since according to the observations of researchers from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 state that one IAM misconfiguration can give a chance to hackers to infiltrate an entire cloud environment and control most of the cloud security system. They also found many Errors in the identity configuration in many cloud accounts which indicates a significant security risk for the organization. This not only affect particular organizations but a whole system in a whole. Thus, we can expect a better security system in the word in a near future.

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