5 Most Devastating Cyber Attacks | Cybersecurity Insights #18

How did a teenage boy cause one of the most devastating computer hacks of all time? This episode of Cybersecurity Insights, from Absolute Software, looks at recent cyber-attacks that made the news and have helped to make cyber-attacks one of the biggest threats to national security.

5 Most Devastating Cyber Attacks Countdown:
Cyber-attacks come in many forms, from all directions, and from incredibly different sources. One thing is for sure – they create serious damage and are not slowing down.

Here are some of our favorites top 5 cyber-attacks:
#5: “Mafiaboy’s” Denial of Service
#4: Conficker and the worm that exploited Windows’ OS
#3: Jonathan James (1999) with the US Department of Defense breach
#2: Sony Pictures hacked by the Guardians of Peace (GOP) using Shamoon malware
#1: Melissa virus by David Smith aka the discoverer of phishing attacks

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks?
Attacks are inevitable. Successful attacks are not. By maintaining line-of-sight of all devices and ensuring security controls are always present and working as intended, the attack surface is reduced and becomes an inhospitable place for attackers.

Read “Most Devastating Cyber-Attacks At The Endpoint” blog post to learn more: https://blogs.absolute.com/most-devastating-cyber-attacks-at-the-endpoint/


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2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report. New data security threats revealed from global study of six million devices: https://www.absolute.com/en/go/study/2019-endpoint-security-trends?utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=risk-mgmt

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