Getting into Astrophotography with ZWO

Getting into Astrophotography with ZWO

Daniel and Simon take a big dive into the world of Astrophotography and talk about all aspects of imaging using CMOS based cameras and some of the accessories that can go with the cameras.

Featuring ZWO products such as the ASI1600MM-P, ASI174MM to the OAG, Filterwheel and much more!

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  1. Somebody shove an apple in “Mr. Wow, Really, Tell me about that”s mouth. Shut him up. Damn, this guy is SO annoying and he does even know it…..

  2. Yeah the tool on the left totally ruins these videos. The guy who actually knows what he’s talking about was about to answer the question we all need to know “why would I choose one camera over another”. Again; right about to describe one cam versus another, and this clown goes into filter wheels. SMH. I’ll just go to HighPoint.

  3. Hi I am a filmmaker and photographer from India. I need consulting advise from Simon. Is there an email id I can write to or call some number? Please advise.


  4. Very informative for a newbie! Thank you! I have a Meade LightSwitch 8" ACF, f/10. What camera should I get? I have an onboard CCD tracking camera, so I only need one photo camera, correct? I noticed some people have a guide camera, but don’t I already have that? I am just outside of the city limits of a small town and have minimal light pollution. What filters would be the best for Northern Hemisphere, backyard facing south. Any advice anybody?

  5. Could this video be redone w/ illustrations on a blackboard for info screenshots of explanations? (Sorry, gentleman on the left is a distraction to an otherwise excellent video)…

  6. This video is extremely informative for both the beginning amateur and the advanced. What with so many cameras being produced by ZWO, it’s hard to keep up to date. Simon is excellent in explaining, later on in the video, about pixel size, chip size and matching cameras to various telescopes. I have made a link, on our local astronomy club Facebook page to this video. Thank you so much Woodland Hills and Cameras & Telescope, and to Daniel and Simon.

  7. Does the filter wheel take the filter called "ANNOYING AS F", so we can get rid of the Annoying AS F guy on the left???

  8. Hi Can you pelase advise which colour camera I should buy for Deepsky photography. I have William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO Telescope. I want to capture stunning images of nebulae, galaxies and supernove. Budget not a constraint. Quality is need.

  9. Hi, a bit late seeing this. With a osc camera, would you also use a cls filter with uv/ir cut too ? Also, what about ND ?

  10. I havent watched this video yet. I have always used icap for astroimaging but it doesn’t work with the new ZWO webcam I bought. Is there any way to make it work? Thank you

  11. Nice Video I have the ZWO Asi 224 MC And the ASI 1600MM Cool . Both very good cameras for the price.

  12. He says that the camera doesn’t magnify like an eyepiece, but then says it’s similar to an eye piece later

  13. It’s the guy’s loud over-acting extra that pegs the meters. The other guy’s voice volume is steady but Mr Obnoxious doesn’t know how to control his voice. And he’s not listening to the expert. Would change subject in the middle of an answer. Why interview someone and not listen to their response? Is Mr Obnoxious the owner of Woodland Hills Camera? And the guy who recorded audio could have slapped a compressor on Mr Obnoxious’ mic or in post. Try harder, gentlemen. We do care out here.

  14. Hey guys
    Im looking for a hight quality cmos cam
    And im torn between the asi 071 pro, asi294 pro,
    Asi1600 pro
    Im looking to stay with this camera for at least 5 6 years
    So i appreciate the suggestions
    Thank you

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