Top 10 Best Action Games On PS4

Top 10 Best Action Games On PS4

The top ten action titles on PlayStation 4? Here are our recommendations – the best combat, the biggest set pieces, the most intense stories. Let us know yours in the comments!

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  1. I bought the PS4 for bloodborne and God of war and if we don’t get a sequel for BB , God of war will be the main reason to buy a ps5

  2. The Only List That should have been listed.

    Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End
    God of War
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    The Last of Us
    The Last of Us 2
    Batman Arkham Knight
    Ghost of Tushima
    Nioh 2

  3. Dishonored should been in its own category.
    My list for action games
    Nier automata
    God of war
    Batman arkham city
    Unchartered 4/Rise of the tomb raider
    Dmc 5
    Bloodborne or dark souls 3
    Ac odyssey/shadow of war
    [Special mention to the Bayonetta/Vanquish 10th anniversary bundle]

    For games like dishonored it would be..
    Dishonored 1 & 2
    Deus ex mankind divided
    Prey (reboot)
    Bioshock collection

  4. MGS5 is better than dishonored as best stealth action, nioh and Star Wars are soulsborne clones, and Nier was left of the list why? For Batman?(good game but def not better than nier).

  5. Never disliked a video in my 11 years + of YouTube but this list is way off bro – how can you not have Bloodborne (the greatest game ever made) as number one?? Some of these games aren’t even ps4 exclusives lol

  6. People listing RPGs or Open Worlds and whining about how they’re not on the video "even though they’re better" or whatever… Maybe they aren’t included because they’re NOT purely action games, ever thought of that!? Jesus Christ, do people even read titles anymore? Bunch of crybabies.

  7. Lol I don’t see how this lost isn’t filled with ONLY PS action games

    1. God of war
    2. Spider-Man
    3. Horizon zero dawn
    4. Last of us
    5. Bloodborne
    6.Nioh 1-2
    7. Shadow of the colossus
    8. Uncharted 4
    9. FF7 Remake
    10. Nier

  8. Control, is the definition of "Hidden Gem," I haven’t heard of it until a little over a month ago but, I started to play it, and … Just Wow !

  9. How dare you leave out Final Fantasy XV! It has some of the best combat of any game this generation, it’s fluid, responsive and strategic with brilliant AI.

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