Computer Virus // 11 Most Dangerous & Lethal Viruses Ever!

Want to know about the worst computer viruses? In this video, we will cover 11 most dangerous computer viruses out there, so stay tuned!

A computer virus is a software program that can corrupt or destroy the data stored on an infected machine. When you connect to the internet, a gateway is open for all kinds of viruses and malware threats to infect your devices, especially computers and smartphones.

A computer sends out many different signals when infected with malware, such as erratic behavior, frequent data losses, and system crashes. A malware can even access your bank account and important passwords if you’re not careful.

So it’s important that you take proactive measures to safeguard data, privacy, and identity of yourself and those you love.

Computer viruses cause billions of dollars’ worth of economic damage every year, in the form of system failure, wasting computer resources, corrupting data, increasing maintenance costs, and stealing sensitive information.

The best way to protect against all sorts of malware is to get premium antivirus software. Premium security suites offer comprehensive, real-time protection against all sorts of malware threats like viruses, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, botnets, spyware, etc.

Plus, you’ll get an array of advanced features and functions that go far beyond basic malware protection. These include a password manager, a VPN, system optimization features, file shredding and encryption, parental controls, and more.

Our team has reviewed and ranked all the top antivirus brands out there. Check out the link we have added above if you want to get a special 50% discount on our #1 antivirus pick.

In this video, we have covered 11 most dangerous computer viruses notorious for jamming & infecting computers and stealing sensitive data.

Here is the list:

#11 Melissa
#10 Stuxnet
#9 MyDoom
#7 Nimda
#6 Fleeceware
#5 Fake Windows Updates
#4 Gameover Zeus
#3 PlugX
#2 Clop Ransomware
#1 CryptoLocker

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