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With the increase in global digital data, there is an increase in the number of cyberattacks too. Hence, businesses and individuals must secure their data, and for this purpose, we have cybersecurity. In this full course video, you will learn all about cybersecurity. You will know the importance of cybersecurity, what cybersecurity means, and the different types of cyberattacks with a hands-on demo for each. This video also covers the concept of ethical hacking; here, you’ll gain an insight into an ethical hacker’s life. In addition to this, we will also guide you with the various cybersecurity jobs available today and the different types of cybersecurity certifications you can pursue to flourish in this field. Here, we will also be speaking of the CISSP certification in-depth, and finally, we will conclude this video with the top cybersecurity threats faced in today’s times.

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Each of these topics are also explained with practical examples.
00:00:00 What is Cyber Security
00:08:01 The rise of cybercrimes
00:14:59 Malware Attack
00:23:04 Phishing Demo
00:24:07 Social Engineering
00:25:22 Man in the Middle Attack
00:27:00 Man in the Middle Attack Demo
00:27:45 DoS Attack
00:28:26 SQL Attack
00:29:44 Password Attack and types
00:34:25 Types of Network Attacks
00:35:20 Motives Behind Cybercrime
00:37:01 History of Cybercrime
00:40:40 Motives behind a cyberattack
01:05:53 Why Cyber Security
01:09:12 Tackling cybercrime
01:31:57 Cyber Security threats
01:59:11 What is DDoS Attack?
02:17:16 Who is a CS expert
02:27:32 Ethical hacking
02:35:00 What is ethical hacking
03:12:36 Installing Kali Linux, basic commands demo
03:28:30 Phishing demo, SQL demo, VPN demo, firewall, areas of EH
03:56:42 Metasploit attack
04:11:59 Importance of CS certifications
04:31:45 EH certifications
04:44:11 CS jobs
05:00:01 Who is a certified ethical hacker
05:16:59 Why & What is CEH certification?
05:34:38 Ethical Hacking Career
05:45:48 Books for Ethical Hacking
05:56:53 Why CISSP, What is CISSP, CISSP Exam requirements
05:59:16 CISSP domains
06:12:35 CIA
06:14:59 Information security
06:46:46 Why and What is Asset security
06:54:54 What is CISSP exam

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The Cyber Security Expert Master’s Program will equip you with the skills needed to become an expert in this rapidly growing domain. You will learn comprehensive approaches to protecting your infrastructure, including securing data and information, running risk analysis and mitigation, architecting cloud-based security, achieving compliance and much more with this best-in-class program.

Implement technical strategies, tools, and techniques to secure data and information for your organization
1. Adhere to ethical security behaviour for risk analysis and mitigation
2. Understand security in cloud computing architecture in depth
3. Comprehend legal requirements, privacy issues and audit process methodologies within the cloud environment

At the end of this Master’s Program, you will be equipped with the following skillsets:
1. Install, configure and deploy public key infrastructure and network components while assessing and troubleshooting issues to support organizational security
2. Master advanced hacking concepts to manage information security efficiently
3. Design security architecture and framework for a secure IT operation
4. Frame cloud data storage architectures and security strategies, and utilize them to analyze risks

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