How Do I Brainstorm Projects Pertaining to Cybersecurity?

Projects should be a priority as a student in cybersecurity, but do you know how to brainstorm them? Today I address why you should be working on a side project right now and 3 considerations to keep in mind while coming up with your next endeavor. Here’s why you should work a project:

1) You are able to apply what you are learning to real-world problems.
2) Build a portfolio of work. When working (and finishing) multiple projects, you are able to actively build and create a portfolio of work to show off.
3) Gain credibility as an individual. You know how to implement what you learn.

3 Strategies I Use to Brainstorm My Next Project:

1) Access what I am lacking knowledge in and what domain I am interested in learning.
2) Research project ideas on the internet, keeping in mind I want to add my own unique twist.
3) Build an outline with the main goal, learning resources, and overall structure of how I want my project to look.

Start working on a project today! It’s very important you start to apply what you are learning within the industry.

I hope this helps!

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