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Security startups need to know these five pro tips on how to sell a CISO. Our advice on cyber sales and crafting CISO security sales pitches will help improve your close rates and enterprise sales outcomes. These tips are relevant for those pursuing cybersecurity sales for beginners as well as more mature enterprise sales security startups.

If you’re an enterprise-facing security or securetech startup, the CISO is likely your key internal champion and decision-maker. With this in mind, knowing how to sell security solutions requires an intimate understanding of how CISOs think, what CISOs look for in solutions, and framing your sales pitch in a way that will resonate with them. There is a lot of advice out there on how to sell security, how to sell security startups, and general cyber security sales advice. As we explore in this Dreamit Dose, none of those tactics will matter if your product does not solve a core need or pain point. Ideally, your need ranks high on the CISO manifesto for strategic initiatives or shortlist of highest priority needs of the decision-maker. How to sell cyber security solutions primarily concerns making the problem you solve clear from the start of your pitch.

Once you’ve clearly articulated problem-solution fit, you need you to weave that into a compelling ROI story or else your cyber security sales presentation will fall flat. CISO startups need compelling metrics and key performance indicators to overcome common barriers to enterprise sales that prevent founders from closings deals and advancing the sales process. Those stats matter in cyber security sales because the CISO will likely have to influence the CFO and other executive stakeholders. Referable customers and testimonies from peer CISOs also help speed up your enterprise sales cycle because they demonstrate validation and credibility. Good cyber security sales training teaches you to weave this social proof seamlessly into your sales pitch. Demonstrable proof like this is key to selling your cyber security product. Finally, any founder or sales leader seeking insight on how to sell cybersecurity must consider timing at every step of the way. Failing to do so can be detrimental and you to time your enterprise sales outreach in accordance with budgets.

That’s how to sell a CISO in a short 5-minute Dreamit Dose.

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