Most AMAZING Recent Technology!

Check out the most amazing recent technology! This top 10 list of recent futuristic inventions and cool gadgets from the future is absolutely amazing!

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#12 3D Printing Organs
3D printing has been around for a few years now, but it just recently made breakthroughs bigger than cars or phone cases or toys that have been created before. The 3D printer has started created organs for human use.
Sure, prosthetics are understandable. But organs? Research is currently being conducted on artificial heart, kidney, and liver structures, as well as other major organs. Organs like the heart will be tougher but it is definitely possible. Can you imagine being the person that kept organs in stock? Checking your list…okay I need to print three kidneys and four livers today.
The reason the 3D printing works so well is that organs are very complicated and the machine does a layer by layer scan of an actual organ. This allows them to give a very detailed printout.
Crazy yes. But not as crazy as the ability to print out human skin! Now that craziness is happening as we speak! This can be to repair damaged skin or purely cosmetic reasons.
#11 Needleless Vaccines
What is your least favorite part of getting flu shots? Oh yeah, the shot. The needle that pierces your skin and stings.
This new invention called the ImmunoMatrix patch will allow you to vaccinate yourself with a simple band-aid like patch. This isn’t just great because it’s painless but has even greater benefits. One: It takes a tenth of the vaccine that the syringe does, which saves tons of money. And two: it doesn’t require the glass vial, syringes, hypodermic needles, trained medical personnel, and biohazardous waste disposal. So again, it saves tons and tons of money.
Can you imagine it being flu season and you just going to town to pick up your flu patch and adhering it at home? Dream big…and realistically! This is happening.
#10 Endless Storage
You know how a terabyte is really big? Well what about a million terabytes? Maybe a trillion? Okay, now imagine an endless amount of storage!
Scientists at the University of Southampton have created and are working on advances with this technology. Not only will this device store endless info, but it is pretty much invincible to damage.
It is made out of nanostructured glass and has the ability to record and retrieve five dimensional digital data by femtosecond laser writing.
As for right now, it can only hold about 360 TB, but things are quickly escalating there. It can go through almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and will last longer than anyone on this planet…except maybe the tardigrade.
The technology isn’t for public use yet because it is reserved for preserving historical documents first, since it can hold an entire library of books! They have already stored actual copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Newton’s Opticks, Magna Carta and Kings James Bible.
#9 Wall Climbing Fish
Ever seen a spider climb a wall? What about a monkey? Hmm…well, what about a wall climbing fish?
In the Amazon rain forest, just recently, a wall climbing fish has been discovered. This may not seem like a scientific advancement, but in reality, it means everything! This isn’t the only thing odd about these fish, who were oddly enough born in caves only they could see and we’re colorless!
This Ecuadorian fish defies gravity as it hikes up a nearly vertical wall for ten feet!
It’s called a Chaetostoma microps, and is a suckermouth armoured catfish. You’ve seen suckerfish climb underwater, but out of water is a whole new thing! Scientists are ecstatic to study the technique and maybe use it to create wall climbing gear for engineers.
Another thing that makes this discovery an advancement is that it has never been seen in this exact way before. Meaning, it has either learned the ability on its own, as a species, or…there are still many more species still undiscovered by scientists.
#8 Cybernetic Implants
The term cyberware is a pretty new field for scientists. Sure, the first pacer was implanted in the 1950s, but that was such a small advancement compared to today.
We already have an “artificial pancreas” for diabetics. As of now, it is simply a pod implants into the skin by the wearer and pumps insulin into their body. But you see, there are two types of cyberware today. Brainware and bodyware. You know the datajack from The Matrix? Yeah, like that.

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    Okay; first off, this is some amazing tech! 3D printed organs & cybernetic organs will be incredible advancements. There is an error, though. In talking about brain implants which would allow people to upload or download thoughts, the announcer then says, "This would literally give us all telekinesis." What should have been said was that this would allow humans to share thoughts, which is telepathy, not telekinesis. It is then stated, "It would also allow us to control things with our mind with simple thoughts…" THAT’s telekinesis. But thanks for this fascinating look at the future! Rikki Tikki.

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