New Cyber Security Technologies and Cyber Threat Solutions

Check Point is your partner against cyber-crime. This is realized on a daily basis by thousands of Check Point customers worldwide using the most advanced cyber security technologies. More information:

These technologies are part of Check Point Infinity’s cyber security architecture all focused on prevention technologies across the entire network, mobile and cloud. How will this architecture progress in 2018? What new technologies and capabilities will be available in 2018 to our customers? In this session, we will highlight the top product and technology announcements to be introduced in this year’s CPX360.

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  1. Gabi Almer on February 23, 2021 at 10:53 pm

    Great presentation, thank you. And as for a good presentation it generates a lot of thinking & questioning: 1. What about a system-wide architecture optimized for security, privacy & regulatory compliance (and not only an add-on network device)? 2. How do you ensure and check the security "cleaning" before installing the add-on device and activating the SLA? How do you cope with the security weaknesses of dual-persona mobile architectures? David Almer – CTO EMMVAult.

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