Through the local media, the digital marketing agency has
announced that its very own in-house technicians have managed to successfully
reverse engineer a 100% white hat solution to the woes brought to the
particular site owners by the so-called Google Panda algorithm updates.The
Google Panda algorithm updates certainly had an adverse impact on the SEO
industry.In order to counteract the problems that this change caused the
aforementioned agency has launched a new white hat solution that is able to
effectively and efficiently offset the problems that have been associated with
the Panda updates.The SEO companys in-house SEO technicians have meticulously
researched on the latest patent application from Google with regards to the
Panda update and have managed to grasp an understanding of the associated
filters and triggers that are causing numerous problems for websites world-wide.Even
though the Panda update was meant to improve the web over all it has had a
catastrophic impact on some sites.Certain websites have experienced traffic
loss and ranking losses and even white hat tactics and legitimate operators
have been effected.The latest technology is designed to funnel trust, authority
and link value to their clients websites which is exactly what the search giant
is looking for in the post Panda landscape.The founder of the SEO agency that
developed this technology has been quoted in the media saying that the program
will effectively remedy and offset majority of the outstanding issues that have
been aroused by the Panda update.All in allFeature ArticlesFree Reprint Articles, SEO in this year
has been rather complex and the consequences of the latest round of Google
updates are far reaching.Agencies who understand the repercussions may have the
ability to drag you out of the hole which the update may have placed your
website in.Unfortunately the latest program is available only to those with
serious budgets and a burning desire to dominate the SERPS once again.

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