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This video on Top 10 Technologies to learn in 2022 brings to you the trending technologies in 2022 that you should watch out for. With time, new technologies are evolving, technologies that help address global challenges and those that will make life simpler in the coming years. Let’s get started and have a look at the top technologies of the future!

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00:46 ✅10. Robotics – Robotics is a significant industry that is gaining momentum with time. Some of the core robotics skills you need to possess are Python, Matlab, problem-solving, mathematics, and machine learning.

01:44 ✅9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – Augmented reality blends real-world elements with virtual ones whereas Virtual reality creates an environment that is fully virtual. Some of the must-have skills for AR and VR are 3D modeling, Software development, and programming.

02:34 ✅8. Big Data and Analytics – Big Data and Analytics allow you to store, process, analyze and make sense of vast amounts of data using cutting-edge technologies. Some of the skills required to master big data & analytics are Hadoop, SQL, Spark, Python, and Excel.

03:32 ✅7. Quantum Computing – Quantum computing is now a tool that’s changing the face of several industries. To learn Quantum computing, you need to know programming, mathematics, mechanics, scientific computing, and algorithms.

04:20 ✅6. 5G networks – According to the GSM Association, by 2025 5G networks are estimated to have more than 1.7 billion subscribers across the globe. 5G will also enable significant advances in IoT and Virtual Reality.

05:11 ✅5. IoT – The Internet of things is fast becoming an integral part of our lives. The top-in-demand IoT skills are Machine learning & AI, Python & JavaScript, Big Data, and Node.js.

06:09 ✅4. Cyber Security – The onset of the covid 19 pandemic has served as a trigger for a rise in the number of cyberattacks across the globe. Hence, the field of cyber security holds paramount importance in today’s times. To work in this field, skills like knowledge of operating systems, networking, virtualization, and programming are beneficial.

07:03 ✅3. Blockchain – Blockchain is one of the contemporary technologies with a bright future. Blockchain developers need to know concepts like cryptography, data structures, and computer networking.

07:50 ✅2. Cloud Services – Cloud computing will be at the forefront of all technologies. For a successful career in cloud computing, you need to have knowledge of databases, programming, Linux, networking, and APIs.

08:40 ✅1. Artificial Intelligence – AI is playing a great role in medicine, manufacturing, education and Mobility. Some of the skills you need are Python Programming, Mathematics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

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    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Cloud Services
    3. Blockchain
    4. Cyber Security
    5. IoT
    6. 5G
    7. Quantum Computing
    8. Big data & Analytics
    9.Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
    10. Robotics

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