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This Simplilearn video on the “Top Cybersecurity Threats” will provide you with an insight into the various cyber threats faced by netizens in today’s digital era. In this video, you will see what a cybersecurity threat is, the top 10 cybersecurity threats, and ways to prevent cyberattacks. So, let’s begin!

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The Cyber Security Expert Master’s Program will equip you with the skills needed to become an expert in this rapidly growing domain. You will learn comprehensive approaches to protecting your infrastructure, including securing data and information, running risk analysis and mitigation, architecting cloud-based security, achieving compliance and much more with this best-in-class program.

Simplilearn’s Cyber Security Expert Master’s Program provides cybersecurity professionals with foundational, intermediate, and advanced security skills through industry-leading certification courses, including CompTIA Security+, CEH, CISM, CISSP and CCSP. The program begins with introductory-level cybersecurity skills training, then progresses to advanced cybersecurity technologies such as reverse engineering, penetration testing techniques, and many more. This training program will enable you to:

Implement technical strategies, tools, and techniques to secure data and information for your organization
1. Adhere to ethical security behaviour for risk analysis and mitigation
2. Understand security in cloud computing architecture in depth
3. Comprehend legal requirements, privacy issues and audit process methodologies within the cloud environment
4. Focus on IT compliance and the integrity of enterprise systems to establish a more secure enterprise IT framework

At the end of this Master’s Program, you will be equipped with the following skillsets:
1. Install, configure and deploy public key infrastructure and network components while assessing and troubleshooting issues to support organizational security
2. Master advanced hacking concepts to manage information security efficiently
3. Design security architecture and framework for a secure IT operation
4. Frame cloud data storage architectures and security strategies, and utilize them to analyze risks
5. Protect data movement, perform disaster recovery, access CSP security and manage client databases

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